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Hello guys,

How can I set an action where a certain page is only visible when the user is logged in, else make it appear 404 error something like that

You could do a condition on page load. :slight_smile:

If current user is not logged in -> redirect.

You can use this for buttons and so on in the conditional settings as well. So you could hide a “dashboard” button and show a “login” instead (or change it dynamically).

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I have done yes. It works the only problem is that It still loads the page, so it shows how the page is, and only then it redirects. What I want is for the page to not load

That won’t work that easily. You could display a group in the background colour that has the same size as the window (overlaps everything) and hide it if the user is logged in.

Don’t use a condition to show the group if the user is not logged in, always show it and hide it if logged in (it’s way more failsafe).

True yes didnt thought about that, the only problem is that if I do that to every page I will make every page more heavy loaded meaning less quickness uploading

You can create the group as reusable element so you don’t have to much work todo. - The workflow is so basic, it shouldn’t reduce page performance.