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User Messaging System

Could someone help me with adding a user messaging system? I’ve taken the lessons that go over bubbles interface (salar’s) but that doesn’t really help out with the app I am creating. I am currently making an app that let’s users sell, buy, and post listings, but can message the user that is posting the listing. I have never made a messaging system before so this will be a new learning experience. Thanks

As an experienced Bubbler, I thought it’d be useful for me to mention that there are some really useful Bubble Template’s that may serve as a good starting spot. These are well written Bubble apps that get you a lot of functionality quickly, enabling you to spend your time personalizing the template instead of starting from scratch. And they’re incredibly cheap, imo, given the amount of work they can save people.

Here’s a link:

Hope this helps.

The app I am currently working on, only needs a little bit more features such as user messaging, Geolocation, and IAP. I have already put a lot of time into this, and am wanting to finish with my layout, but thank you.

Ahh. Yeah, makes sense.

I haven’t built much of a user messaging system but I also watched Salar’s videos. Seems like he covers most of user messaging apps there so shouldn’t be too hard to personalize it to your app. Best of luck!

In my messaging system, I have a table Messages.

It has a Subject (text) Body (Text), From (User), To (User), MSGOwner (User) and Status (Text) as the key fields. You can have other fields such as category etc. if you want to allow the message to be ‘stored’ in virtual folders.

When a user creates a message to send, two identical message things are created, and each copy is owned by the MsgOwner (1the To recipient, 1xthe From Recipient).

This allows the reciever or sender to delete messages without impacting the other persons message.

You can then use the Status field to track whether it is Draft, Sent, New, Read, Deleted, Archived etc.

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Basic messaging app here.

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Thank you so much!!!

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