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I am new bubbler, I am building a new app , I want to create a user to user message functionality. From each user’s profile, there would be a “send message/contact user” button, when the button is pressed it should set the receiver of the message to that user . Can anyone help or suggest me how to go about this ?

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I would suggest looking at some templates to see how they have done it so you get a better idea.

Take a look at some in the templates store like this one for example. Pastel Messaging Template | Bubble

That one is free. Hope that helps!

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As J850 says, a template is the starting point here.

The data flow is simple, you have ‘Users’, ‘conversation’ and ‘message’ data types. When the user creates a message, it is part of a conversation is between 2 (or more) users and the chat is contained in a repeating group of that conversation.


Thanks for the suggestions @J805 and @nfish . I will check out this template.

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Do you know how to create chat bubbles when they chat? You know to have different message background color from sender perspective.
Second question: Do you happen to know how to add files to message? I can save file in a database and add it to disussion database but I don’t know how to diplay it in a chat so user can click on it and download.

I cannot figure out that from provided template.

I sloved the first problem by installing two plugins ChatApp and Bubble Message from BrownFox. Works great.

I solved the second problem too by adding Link and directing it to exteral URL with a file

Hello @sebastianymail. When I am using Chat Bubble element, it is showing me instead of the messages “missing element”. Can you share with us how did let it work properly?

The element should have a fixed-width checked, it will expand anyway.

Check demo as well: Link to editor for sample implementation

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What if a user wants to send 2 messages or more. The messages will appear as other user has sent him the messages. Any solution?

Not true. You have to setup your database correctly. Look at nfish above regarding setting up database structure.

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one solution is, on chat bubbles add a condition: “when current messages creator is current user” show one bubble. “when current messages creator is not current user” show another bubble (or colour).

This is how it works so far in my app Still requires some work but I am getting there.

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What kind of app are you trying to do? Screen Recording? I am thinking of doing a screen recording app with lots of customization.

video chat app, no recording opitions at all because it will be in medical related field

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Then why don’t you use Jitsi?

I probably will but I found it easier to implement this first to test the whole solution in advance.
In the long run Twilio is also expensive and that also speaks in favor of jitsi.

Yes Jitsi is very similar to Zoom and features almost everything that Zoom has (chat messaging, raise hand, mute audio, stop video…) and for free. But there is a small drawback. Jitsi comes with a watermark. You can remove this by doing some work. There is a step by step video tutorial on how to do remove Jitsi and customize some things like what page to display after the call has ended…

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I know this is an old post but I am having probs seeing your template, have clicked it and went to my apps but still not there?

I just did an evaluation on a user app and found a big amount of WUs is being consuming by in apo message built fully on bubble.

I am wondering will it be much less Consumption of WUs if we use a 3rd party in app messaging. Like firebase messaging or one signal messaging.

If so, did anyone have ideas how we implement it :thinking: