User only access own data

Hi, I’m trying to create a app like evernote/google keep using bubble. Anyone knows how to setup thats the user can access only notes created by him/herself?

I want that the user create his/her notes and only he/she can view.

Youtube video tutorial ? or other kind of explanation?

Thanks a lot

Hey @moabe.leite,

Have you completed the Bubble Interactive Tutorials (Lessons | Bubble)? That may be helpful to get started.

What you need to do is create a new data type to store your notes, then add a field called “users” and when a new note is created link it to the user using that field.

This is sorta what your database would look like:

Type: Notes

Field: Note (Type: Text) (Not a list)
Field: User (Type: User) (Not a list)

When you create a new note:

Data > Create a Thing > Note > Field: Note = Input’s value > Field: User = Current User

When you display the notes:

Do a search for… > Notes > Add a constraint > User = Current User