How can a user only see his own data saved not others


I’m trying to create a multi-user app, that works like a to do list but I don’t want users to see other user input. I’m new to do this, any guidance is appreciated?

Thank you

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@zakaria.houssam, welcome to Bubble!

Privacy of data is handled in three major ways (not just in Bubble, but general to programming). At a high level, these are:

  • Database Structure: how you store information in relation to a user
  • View-level Structure: how you choose to represent information to the user.
  • Privacy Roles within the Database: the privileges that a user must have in order to access specific data and under what conditions

As you’re starting to build, you want to focus on database structure. Specifically, since Bubble is based around the concept of a relational database (ex. you have a table of users and you have a list of to do list items), you may create a field in the database on the “User” type called “owned_to_do_items”, which is a list of To Do items.

Next, you structure your view-level. For instance, you draw a repeating group on the page with the content type of “To Do items” and you set the data source to "Current User’s owned to_do_items, which gives you access to that specific list of things you’ve associated with that user.

Finally, you may construct a role from the Data > Privacy tab where you set up a few privacy roles. Specifically, on the “To Do items”, you set it up to restrict so that only the current user can see those to dos. You could use a rule like “This To Do’s creator is Current User” and that will restrict access to only those who match the criteria.

These concepts may seem a bit abstract at first, but the more you build, the more readily it’ll come to you.

As well, I cover these sort of concepts on LearnTo if you’d like to explore further.


I use the first method of making everything centered on the user. Bubble sends all data on the current user to every page. This will save a do a search for step in your workflow.

The user is the center of your app’s universe. In each of your tables, make sure you have a user associated with each record.

For this to make sense, take a look into database normalization. Which is a jagged way of saying, “set up your tables so they play nice together”. It’s not code to learn, but a very simple theory of arrangement. Not as bad as it sounds. Helps to have a splash of OCD - everything can be in its right place.

This article starts out promising.


Thanks for the great detailed answer :slight_smile:

Of course, happy to help!

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I started to subscribe to your website Learn Bubble, but then realized that the terms of the subscription aren’t spelled out anywhere. Does the price stay the same forever? Can I cancel at any time? There’s also no way to ask a question there… so I’m doing it here. Thanks!

Hi @camille1 thanks for your note. I noticed that this is your first post on Bubble as well. Welcome!

Just to confirm, I don’t see a user account in LearnBubble similar to your username here. Would you mind sharing your email in a private message so I can help you from there?

The Terms of Use are linked from the footer on the homepage or you can access it directly here.

For subscriptions, your price remains the same as when you subscribed. Your subscription renews automatically on a monthly basis (just like Netflix) and you can cancel your plan at any time via your Profile.

As the library expands, the price of the subscription for new users may increase, but not for existing users. (If you cancel and then re-subscribe, you’ll be subscribed at the current rate).

For any future questions, you can send a message directly via the Comments Box on the main page or

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Thank you! I’ll reach out via email.

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Hi @dan1 It seems that the link does’t work. Could you share it again please?

@ulrich_00132 LearnBubble became a couple of months back with Bubble’s rebrand.

If there was a specific link you’re looking for within LearnTo, let me know.

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Thanks very much. I used privacy but I wonder if it really works. I set all datas and used the following expression in privacy section: “This Client’s Creator is Current User” but nothing happened. I’m desperate. I’m sure my expression is correct.

I’m having the same problem,

I try to display data doing a duble search, it seems well, but when testing it doesn’t display anything…

Check your privacy settings and filters to ensure you don’t have a filter causing the display issue.

I have the privacy settings set by this way:

There’s no filter set, and the things doesn’t appear in the repeating group