User or Data Type

I have a use case where a company will have an admin, some team members and site staff.
The admin & team members would be typical user data type, but the site staff would not need access to the site, just have transactions linked to them.
Would it be better to create a separate data thing for this non site access group?
The only concern I have is that in some cases I may need to generate a list in a dropdown that may contain all the above groups, which sounds workflow heavy.
Any thoughts would be appreciated.

If managing site staff’s transactions is crucial , having a separate data type for them might be worth the workflow complexity.

If you are moving transactions around, like assigning it from a site staff and to the admin or team members, I would still do site staff a regular user. IF you separate them, you always have to think about this separation in scenarios like you mentioned. A user with a role option set should be better.


This is how I currently have it set up, then I can easily filter the dropdown based on the role OS. I am not sure of how to create these site staff users, as they would not need email or password credentials. Is it possible to create such users in Bubble?
Sometimes these site staff users are temporary and would not have company emails, etc.

They can just have the same email extension as the admin or some fake extension. Since, they won’t use the system, it doesn’t matter too much.

Perfect thanks. I did find a topic on creating fake emails, will hunt it down