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User time-selector?

Hi, can someone tell me if there is a way for a user to select a time ONLY. I know bubble has a date/time selector but i don’t want the date selector. I’m wanting this because i’m building a function where a user selects a time and that is then saved to the database then an event will happen on particular days (selected by the user - already done that) AT THAT TIME the user selected. But all bubble seems to offer is a time AND date selector, so the event will only happen on the ONE calendar day the user HAD TO selected. So… where’s a time-only selector at?


You use a time stamp as a reference point usually.

Say I my user wants to book something at 9AM every day.

I can save it this to the user object or a schedule like this
alarmTimeOfDay = current date:time: change minutes to__:change hours to __

And then when I reference that in a workflow and want to apply that time to any other date

I just grab the date object and modify as follows:

Current time/day:change hour to User’s alarmTimeOfDay’s value: extract hour: change minutes to User’s alarmTimeOfDay’s value: extract minute