Input for time only

Is there a native way in Bubble (or via plugin) to create an input for Time only ? The Date/Time Picker plugin has options for ‘Date’ and ‘Date & Time’, but not Time on its own. I have a form that has fields for both start time and end time (on the same date), so including the Date & Time input twice is a bit funky for my purposes.

Currently, I’m using dropdowns with static choices of times (in 30 minute intervals), but this causes them to be read as numbers rather than times. I need the times to be sorted, so going this route doesn’t work correctly. For example, it reads 1:30pm to be “earlier” than 9:30am since 1 comes before 9. :slight_smile: Any help would be appreciated!

Yes it is possible, and you can do it in a variety of ways

quick way with free plugin is the Calendar Tools plugin that will take a date, and spit out a list of dates as time intervals based on a duration

Thanks @boston85719 – appreciate the response. I will check this out.

I was able to get the desired effect with the calendar plugin – thanks again. :slight_smile:

can you show how you did it? i have the same problem.