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Hi all, I’ve tried to search for this question, as it must have surely been asked before, but am clearly not searching the right words

I’d like to give my users the ability to add dynamic data to an email body. For example:

Hi {first_name}

I can confirm your appointment with {technician_name} on {appointment date}.

At present I have set it up so they can change the words before, then I have added the dynamic data to the middle, and then finish with their email signature.

But it’s be great for them to customise it completely and place the dynamic data wherever they see fit.

Hope that makes sense and hope there’s a solution

Hi there, @lisaalger… I did what you described in one of my apps by having a multiline input with its initial content set to something like what you wrote in your post.

I made it clear to the user that {first_name}, {technician_name}, and {appointment_date} are variables, and while they can put them wherever they want, they must be present and they must be typed exactly as-is.

Then, in the workflow that sends the email, I set the body of the email to be the multiline input’s value, and I used :find & replace operators to find the variables and replace them with the dynamic data.

Anyway, that’s one way you could go, and I hope it helps.


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Wow this makes perfect sense. Thanks so much Mike, that’s the perfect solution 🫶

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