Users inexplicably deleted from live database

I recently started piloting my app with a group of users and suddenly some of them have been inexplicably deleted. I have not made any way for users to delete their own accounts. Has anyone else experienced this? Can anyone help?

This image is of Invitations where the Invited User is “Deleted thing”.

This image is of Friend requests where the Created by is “Deleted thing”

If you’re sure it couldn’t be a test account which you have deleted at some stage then I would check the logs and try track down where it occurred.

You can also use the search function in the app to find if there are any workflows which exist to delete a user.

Thanks Oliver, I didn’t know about the search button to be honest, so that was super helpful to learn. Unfortunately there are no actions to delete users. And the logs only go back two days and there were no delete actions logged in that timeframe. It’s very likely this happened earlier than that.

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Okay, have any users specifically told you they lost their account? Or is it just the info in the logs here?

How are these objects being created? Frontend or backend workflows?

I first noticed in the app when I saw my list of friends has empty users. I’m not sure if the users are aware yet.

The users are created in the front-end.

Could they be temporary users that did not create an account? These get deleted after a few days if i recall correctly.


This is what i was going to ask. I think it’s 48 hours at most for temp/ users not logged in.

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72 hours


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