Users with different roles, data relation

Hey, I had two questions

  • my app is about users with different roles each user has a specific pages. So, is it correct to add field ‘role’ in table user of bubble to be able control the type of user connected and can be able to control the redirection to the correct pages after the user login ?

  • I had many users with different roles, each user of a specific role had relation with another table for example student had a relation with university, with bubble I didn’t understand how can I work with relations between tables the concept of : foreign key, on delete cascade, how to add display data.

Thank you for helping me improve

Yes, that is correct. An alternative is to use the presence

Relations between tables is achieved by setting the “type” of a field to be the name of another table.

So instead of “text” or “number” you have a type of “user” or “university” or whatever.

In your case, which sounds like a many to many relationship, you may well have a table called “university registration” which contain a field of type user and one of type university. The user then has a field of type “university registration”.