Using API Connector with Clash of Clans API Needs Static IP Address

Good Evening All,

I’m trying to use Bubble to pull data from the Clash of Clans (CoC) API to show my clan’s leaders, and to give them an easy way to note if someone has been performing well (donating, etc), or underperforming.

I’ve connected my app to the CoC API, but they require static IP addresses for the API to function. So, I got the IP for, and generated the token.

(Screencap of the Clash of Clans API token page at

I configured it in Bubble for a GET call, and it worked wonderfully for about a day…

(Screencap of the Bubble API Connector configuration)

Problem is, the IP address of (Amazon Web Services) seems to be changing. It was, then, now This results in a “not authorized” error message when running the API. Does anyone have any suggestions?

(Screencap of sadness)

The bones of my app are here:



We can’t guarantee fixed IP in general, but we can do this for users on a dedicated plan.

I appreciate that. This is a hobby site, so a dedicated plan isn’t an option at this time.

I know static IP addresses are for dedicated plans. But is there a fixed set or range of IP addresses that Bubble apps use? Is it perhaps or is the range/set smaller or larger? Reason is an API provider that requires (set of) fixed IP addresses for security reasons. Thanks.