Using API Connector Workflow with Subsequent Calls


I am trying to master API connector because my project has a lot of different APIs that will all mash together in a Dashboard.

Once I get a bearer token through API Connector how can I automate that bearer token into my next request.

I believe I need to figure out the workflow to make a Subsequent Call using the API connector.

Any advice would be helpful.

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If you can configure the Auth in the authentication part of your API, this is the best thing. Authentication process will be automatically managed by Bubble for each API Call.

If not, you need to get the token and use it in your API call. The Token API Call will be of type “data” and you will be able to use it directly in the other API call that need a token.

For example, you have a call “Get User”
You configure it with header: Authorization: Bearer (public)
In the designer, Where you need to Call Get User, you will have to configure the header. Just add Get Data from API Call Get Token’s access token to complete the Bearer token.

If you provide link to API Doc, this is easier to know if you should be able to use the Authorization part or not.

Thanks again for answering this. I’ve taken a step back and evaluate this soon.

I’m new to bubble so I’ve been playing with the data. Creating database fields and inputs to send and pull data within my application.

I’ll try to start working with API data in upcoming weeks and pull from the configuration you helped me create.

Thanks again


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I am trying to implement this now and I am not sure that I’ve done it correctly.

Please take a look at my screenshots. I can’t seem to know what to do with the access token. I’ve added the shared headers according to documentation.

I setup my net call in API connector and tried to bring initial call into a workflow when button is clicked.

I need to then use Access Token to pick up a bunch of input fields and POST through API to next destination.

Please Advise as I believe my issue may be more with understanding Bubbles process.

Can you post a screenshot of you setting in Auth part?
If you manually get the token (with an API Call), you cannot use shared Header. You need to set the header on each call that need the token.

Ahhh. I was adding another call to the same API in the connector.

I believe I need to setup a new API Name all together in order to change the authentication type once I receive the token.

I will make that change now … I still do not know what to do next : (

Ok… It appears the documentation states that the token is a JWT or JSON Web Token. I do not have very much experience using them and I setup a separate API call with JWT Authentication as well as the required headers for the call with the subsequent endpoint to POST the data for creating an application.

I am really starting to confuse myself as I am trying to learn the Bubble platform on the fly while creating this dashboard.


Sorry to bother you. I’ve been doing some research and testing on my own with little to no luck but it is helping me learn the Bubble platform so the investment on time is invaluable.

I am wondering if you think I may be able to accomplish this workflow by using Custom States and once I obtain the access token it is essentially saved on the page and then used in the next POST request through API Connector.

It is just a random thought and I figured you may have some experience with this type of scenario.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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