Using Bubble to Onboard to an External Non-Bubble App

Workflow question - the team has built a financial planning/scenario planning app outside of Bubble. A full working prototype is up and running but want to explore using Bubble as my “first mile” for new users as I know that I can iterate and test my workflow personally, instead of siphoning my devs away from core dev. Stack is Javascript, d3 (for now), node.js, mongo - nothing out of the ordinary.

This means that a new user would land on a Bubble site first, create an account using Google/Facebook, answer a bunch of questions, potentially use Bubble’s paywall/membership options, and then point the user to the external app. Assume that the questions/answers, membership information, etc would all be stored in Bubble’s database?

Ideally, I would pass along to the external app that Bubble data (we would use some of those answers to populate fields in the external app). Using a separate database in the non-Bubble app, but would want to push login credentials to from Bubble to the app. Basically, hoping this can be seamless to the user.

Note - it is plausible that a return user would go directly to the app, bypassing the Bubble onboarding. This is something that I expect and need to account for.

Any big flaws in this logic? Not meant to be an extended long term solution but all part of trying to rapidly build, test and deploy.

I’m a semi-technical founder, so let me know if I need to clarify anything.

My first thought is does the bubble side need logins? Could you onboard just through email on bubble side regarding payment. Only when payment is successful, you then simply send the email address on to the external app and have that create a set of credentials with temp password etc.

Regarding passing details. Bubble has an api and you also have options like Zapier and webhooks.

Hope that helps a little.

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