Using Bubble's 'File Uploader' for End-User CSV Upload

How to use Bubble’s native File Uploader to allow end-users to bulk upload data (step-by-step)

  1. You need two things:
    a) the File Uploader element
    b) a button to trigger upload

  2. Configure Workflow on “Upload” button from b) above.

  • First action - “Upload data as CSV” and configure to use FileUploaders Select File for Uploads Value
  1. You should be set.

CSV File Format Requirements for Successful upload to DB

  • Ensure the upload file is Delimited Correctly and matches what you’ve configured in File Uploader element.
  • Ensure the upload file has a row for labels/field names
  • Label/Field Names should match 1 for 1 to field name in your Data Type