Using custom states filtered in dropdown

Hi Fellow Bubblers!

I’m struggling with a issue. I receive some data from a API in de following format:

Option A: Text for option A
Option A: Text for option AA
Option A: Text for option AAA
Option B: Text for option B
Option C: Text for option C
Option C: Text for option CC

I want to create 3 dropdowns. One for A, one for B and one for C. The value’s in de dropdown must have the value behind the options, like:

Dropdown A > 3 Options
Dropdown B > 1 Option
Dropdown C > 2 Options

I have already a list in a custom state of the 3 dropdowns, but that is not enough. I’m looking for a solution like:

Dropdown > Get items form API > Filter by (contains) first item from the custom state.

That must be possible I think, but how? Can someone provide me with some information?

Thanks a lot!
Greetings from the Netherlands

How are you determining which items will go into either dropdown?

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