How to have multiple chioce from data inside dropdwon

Hi, good for everyone…

I need a suggestion to use two variables from custom state in a dropdown section. If I insert them one after the other it gives me a single string (like append function)… thanks

Could you give an example of what you are trying to achieve?

thanks, I saved two values in custom state, two names coming from the usual table in the db (same row)

I would like to use these two values as the choice for dropdown or dynamic choice

Are you referencing your custom state in Choice source? It seems you are doing a DB search instead.

Maybe that’s where I’m going wrong

I have two values, two custom state variables called “G1” and “G2”
I need to be able to fit them into dropdown or dynamic choice

how can I do?

In Choice source you need to construct an expression A's B where:
A = the element you’ve created your custom state within
B = your custom states name

For example, if you’ve created custom state “Users” at index page level: index's Users
Screenshot 2023-11-13 at 17.42.24

ok but I have to enter two choices in the dropdown menu
or in the dynamic choice

be able to choose one of the two variables G1 or G2

G1:converted to list:plus item G2

If you mean selecting multiple options in the dropdown - that’s not possible, you need to install multidropdown element.

also in this way it fits the values into a single choice


This should be the option source (if you want the drop-down to have two options - G1 and G2)

sorry but i cannot fiund G1 and G2 in choice source

It should be old_index1’s G1 based off of your previous screenshot

Ah, now I understand what’s going on. I missed that you are using 2 custom states with a single value inside each of them (not 1 custom state with 2 values in it).
Then, yes, what George proposed should work.

SOLVED; perfect tanks :wink:

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