Using custom states to check and uncheck a button

Hey everyone
I have a button in a repeating group and I’m wanting it to show a popout and turn blue on first click and then hide pop out and turn back to white on second click. I have worked out how to do this when clicking the button in teh same row.

What I am not able to do is when i click a button in another row the original row stays blue like below

Here are some setting screen shots
I’ve used a yes/no custom state with the Button set to ‘no’ by default. When button is clicked it turns to yes

On second click i turn button back to no and white

Any help appriciated!


Only 1 row can be selected at a time. Here’s how I would do it:

  1. when the user clicks on a row → add that unique ID (or the actual object if you prefer) to a state on the page
  2. add a conditional to the checkbox: when page state selected item is this row’s item → checkbox is checked
  3. add conditional that makes the pop-out show when the page state is not empty. Its content should be based on a search filtered by the page state item.

hey @rico.trevisan
Works a dream! Thanks

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