Using disapearing groups question

I just have a small question. So basically if you have one main page, and using a side bar and collapsible groups that are for each page on the dashboard page. If each of these groups have lots of content, would this be very recource heavy?

Essentially I am trying to decide whether or not to have the app open different pages with its own content, or to keep one main dashboard and have all the content be there, popping in and out when you need them.

The initial load will be a lot slower if you store everything on the same page, but afterwards it would be pretty quick to navigate around.
My advice is to use both methods. Have all the content that are related to each other be on the same page.

For example if you have an Uber app, you would want everything related to ordering the food on the same page, but your account settings would be on a different page.

Hope that helps!