Building a ridesharing native app using groups

Hi, I’m building a ride sharing native mobile app, I want to use groups on just 1 page, so the entire app will be built on just 1 page.
What are the best page settings to use in order to place on it as many groups as possible? Is it best to select Fixed? Or Column etc…
Please let me know. Thanks in advance.

It’s up to you tbh. As long as you select “collapse when hidden” you’ll be fine.

From a visual hierarchy standpoint, columns is probably easiest. From an end-user standpoint, align-to-parent is your friend.

Just make sure, whatever you do, you have a “master group” that all your “pages” go under.

I would also very strongly recommend creating your “pages” as reusable elements first, and then putting the reusable element into the master group on the main page.

You can show & hide your “pages” (groups) by using URL Parameters. @rico.trevisan has a great tutorial on setting that up, here


Thanks Drixxon, I’m going to check out those tutorials!

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