Using dynamic icons in repeat region

I have a repeating list where I show notes on a user profile. The notes have different categories (note, attachment, etc).

I was planning on adding a ‘note type icon’ in the notes table and inserting the image based on the note category they selected on data entry.

I couldn’t see how to set a condition to do something like this “if note.noteType = ‘attachment’ show a folder icon”

I would use an option set for categories. On the option set you can make an attribute that is a text type. In that attribute you can add the font awesome icon…then in your repeating group you can reference the option sets font awesome icon attribute.

Screen Shot 2021-03-04 at 1.48.44 AM

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I must be missing something. Even if I add a text element and hardcode [fa]fa-home[/fa] I don’t see the icon, just that text.

I have the plugin installed and it works when I drop it onto a page.

try putting a space between the brackets like this [fa] fa-home [/fa]

groovy, works like a charm, thanks!

@boston85719, great tip! Any ideas on how to apply this with Ionic Icons? Looks like they have a bit of a different notation from FA.

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I wish

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