Using :extract with Google Places Plugin

I am using Google Places API to extract location info.


Using a Search input I could easily work out how to use :extract to get things like Lat/Long.

But I could not get access to Placename this way.

Google Places Plugin

So I learned here that using Google Places Plugin I could get Placename.

So I created a normal input and a repeating group referenced to the input and set the data type of the RG as follows:


That works fine…I can search and get place matches and that includes Placename.

However, I do not seem to have access to :extract to be able to extract things like lat/long. I only get access to:


I am sure I am missing something obvious but I can’t get my head around how to get access to other place info like I could using a Bubble search box and :extract…any help much appreciated!

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