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Using :extract with static timezone?

I’m running a weekly ‘contest’ and was wondering if there was anyway I could perform a ‘search for’ on a column using a static timezone(:extract week)? I’ve successfully done this using the client date/time but I really need to be able to perform the search using a static timezone (pst).

It seems I’m unable to set a static timezone AND extract anything from it (day, week, etc). When I go to use :extract after I’ve selected a static timezone it only offers the option to select email stuff. Any ideas?

I just saw this under :formated as reference

Formats the date in several ways. Keep in mind that once a date is formatted, it’s a text and can’t be manipulated as a date.

This explains why I’m unable to extract anything from it.

I guess to simplify my question- is there a way to get the week number (using :extract or otherwise) from a static timezone since static timezone seems to be only available in :format as, which only appears to output text?

I think there is a confusion. A timezone is a text, so it’s going to be hard to get a week number out of that.