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Extract Hour - Time Zone Issue

The hour extract operation on dates should extract a browser time zone hour.

And yet, in my bubble app, I have noticed that the hour extract extracts a non browser specific time zone hour.

I built a calendar to select a date and create a date range with this date plus 86400 seconds to span one day.

I stored that as a custom state in group calendar and display that in text A String 1 showing all date related information and a separate String 2 to extract hour.

I moved the timezone using Change TimeZone Plugin which is a Microsoft Edge Extension to a timezone plus 3 hours.

I expect to get hours + 3 from the extract hour operation; instead I get hours + 6. I have replicated this in other time zones. However, I notice that String 1’s information shows hours plus 3.

I did not run any operation aside from clicking on the calendar number to construct the date range.

Please see below image -

The selected text is the results of the extract hours operation. The text immediately above it shows the same date formatted to show the full date information. Nothing else was done to it.

Please explain.


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