Using Firebase as the database - GDPR EU


Ive been learning Bubble recently and like the platform, however it occurred to me last night about the data and specifically where it is stored.

After trawling the forums and Google it looks like bubble doesn’t comply with GDPR unless you buy a dedicated solution (lots of previous posts), which is a non starter for me as I’m just learning and like a lot of people in my position would make people look elsewhere…however I was thinking, does bubble allow you to use firebase or any other 3rd party database to store the data instead of using the built in database?

If it does then surely that would appease the GDPR guidelines of having the data store in the EU (obviously if you select EU location for firebase database) - I know there are other GDPR hoops to jump through, but the most fundamental box to tick is where the data is stored.

I know the Trans Atlantic Data Privacy Framework is around the corner which may solve the data location problem - but we don’t really know when its going to happen.

So in short, can you use firebase or any other database INSTEAD OF the native bubble database?

evaluate open apis that wrapper the legal stuff in a conventional REST api.

then, leverage bubbles collaboration/api/config tools to quickly integrate the third party GDPR solution for persistence layer of the app

Did you ever figure out how to integrate you bubble app with a external database? Im trying to connect mine to firebase and am running into some issues.