Using font awesome via 'fa' tags on IOS not working

Wondering if anyone else noticed that when using font awesome icons via ‘fa’ tags in a text box on IOS, they aren’t showing? Web works fine.

Here’s an example:

Web (Chrome Version 77.0.3865.120):


iPhone (IOS Version 13.1.3):

Just checked on my apps and app is working fine on both chrome and iOS . If you want to share a link to your app on the back channel happy to check

Thanks @Bubbleboy!

I was testing other apps of mine, then realized that the css injection I have on my current app I’m working on was affecting the ‘fa’ tags.

My fa icons are only showing in debug mode. Do you maybe know why?

Okay… this might actually be a bug. Removing the css from the page still does not show the icons when viewing on IOS.

@nocodeventure not sure why they’d only be showing in your debugger :thinking:

Works fine for me.

Have you inserted a standard icon from bubble in the page ?
I had to do that for fixing fa icons in my apps. Just add one set to 1x1 px. That seems to add a link to the fa library maybe :wink:
Do not remember if this was a genaral thing og ios/webkit specific

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Strange thing, when I change debug mode true to false the icons dissapear from the page.


Thanks! So I did some testing. And I was under the impression that Bubble is already loading the Font Awesome Library (I could be wrong). Anyway, by placing an icon on the page, it does in fact now show on IOS. ALSO, when I delete the icon, the original ‘fa’ tag style now works on IOS. Seems like Bubble’s on page load is not capturing which one to load on page load.

Thank you for the tip! It’ll be my quick fix until I figure this out.

How do you put an icon on the page? I’m using fa tags inside text elements…


There is a bug for sure. Even with an icon element at the top (so the font awesome library get loaded), sometimes icons are loaded in text, sometimes not. That is on Chrome.

Has someone filled up a bug report ?

I’m using Chrome. Haven’t filed a bug.

Bubble’s built in icon option: :no_mouth:


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