Using Forked Github Repository

I’m trying to use a forked repository in my plugin, and have found documentation telling me it should be easy enough, but for whatever reason it does not build.

I have updated my dependencies to link to the fork, replacing the version number with a link to the fork - i.e.

"dependencies": {
    "ics": ""

But it continues to fail to build:

I’ll be honest, I’m not entirely sure what I’m doing, so if anyone can explain like I’m 5, that would be super helpful!

As i remember you can’t install repository from github in anyway. But you can up your own server in react and create relationship with your app.

That library is already published on npm and you can use it without forking it.
Are you using a fork because you plan to modify the code? Try "ics": "github:Field-Day-CI/ics"

Thanks @dorilama - I tried that, but still essentially the same errors.

I am simply trying to use the fork because it’s a few revisions ahead of the master, and I need to test some of the updates in my plugin.

It appears that bubble’s infra doesn’t support git when installing the packages for ssa.
You can ask the support if they can confirm this.
In the meantime you can publish your fork on npm and use it.


I’m not really familiar with publishing on NPM, but I’ll have a look

It’s been a while since last time I published. If I recall correctly:

  • register an account at
  • change the name in the package.json to something like your-npmjs-username@ics so that you publish the package under your username scope and avoid conflicting names
  • npm publish
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