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[New Feature] GitHub integration for plugins

This one is for plugin builders. We recently deployed the ability to connect your GitHub account and use it to sync your plugins with a GitHub repository. Once you have linked your account (or used Git to sign up), you can synchronize your plugin and use GitHub repos, commits, version control and pull requests.

You can also fork a plugin that is published, open source and sync’ed with Git. You do this in the Plugin Page.

See more details here.


That was 12 days ago…I was expecting something like a 6 month timeline.

You guys really like to over-deliver WOW, right? :smiley:


Nobody is going to comment on this? This is so important for the extensión of the platform.

Any volunteer to commit to Github a working example plugin so we can clone?


So im linked to Github and im on a paid Github account. Seems i can link to my Github for plugins i create (these are shown in Github) but cannot fork those shared with me. They are not available in bubble

could you clarify the documentation “One of the key benefits of integrating with GitHub is that you can now fork published open source plugins, provided the author is using GitHub as well. If that’s the case, a button will appear to fork the plugin into your account. This will copy the plugin, fork the Git repository and synchronize the new plugin with the new repository. You can then work on your plugin normally, and use GitHub’s native features in terms of forking when working with the author of the original plugin”

How exactly do you synchronize (the only option to sync is in the plugin editor) this uploads the plugin i am in)

you should be able to clone the repo, then just create an app with the same name in the plugin builder then go to the publish section and hit github sync.

There was me not wanting to bother you @jarrad. That what i thought, so naming a new plug “matching the name of the plugin i want to sync”

Rather than syncing its trying to create a repo and “i assume as there is one already its failing” which makes no sense…if there is one already then it should sync! must be me i’ll keep trying

have you tried putting some text in the init and update fields… or maybe it needs to be published?

Yep done that…all fine and no issues and same error. I’ll just keep trying. @jarrad ive added you as a collaborator could you see if it work from your end. only if you have time and dont mind

doing it now mate.

weird, bubble says it fails although it has created the new repo… well half creates the repo anyway…

yep that’s what i get too. seems fine with anything in my plugins but syncing from is a no-no

Interested if anybody has successfully used sync-ing to duplicate a plugin from one account to another?

I’m having good success with backing up my own plugins, am able to copy the repository across GitHub accounts, but am failing to then bring them down to another Bubble user’s account.

I dont seem to have a link github option on my account page, and I can find no way to get a builder profile box on my MyPlugins page.

My plugin doesn’t show button in settings under “synchronize to git”

Help? Git repo is kind of important…

I have a paid personal account.

I’ve tried to link using this feature in my bubble account (on Safari and on Chrome) and get this error (missing access token? deprecated query?):

The service Github just returned an error (HTTP 400). Please contact the plugin author directly for feedback. Raw error:

{"message":"Must specify access token via Authorization header.","documentation_url":""}

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Any word, seems like the Github integration is broken.

Same here. Github integration seems to be broken. Any ETA on when it will be fixed?

@emmanuel I also can’t fork a plugin. I get the message:

Message from GitHub: Not Found.

Is that because the plugin was not originally on Github?

Very sorry you’re having this issue! Can you file a bug report for this case? We’ll need to look at your situation, and then the success team will be able to assist you.