Using Graphs (nodes and edges) in a Bubble page

Dear Bubblers,

I would like to display graphs in a bubble page. To be precise, I’m using the term graph to mean nodes (e.g. boxes) connected by edges (e.g. arrows), and not an XY plot, or a pie chart, or any of those things that you can do with some of the existing plugins.

I believe that there are a couple of libraries that can be used to do this:
a) yWorks’ yFiles for HTML ( ), which is incredibly powerful for anything that is graphs

b) Microsoft’s Power BI SDK ( ), which may not be as powerful for graphs but has a rather rich set of diagrams that one could leverage.

I thought of using an HTML element and embed in it the JS code that calls these libraries, but I’ve never done that before and I’m not very clear about how it would work or the syntax to do so. (Sorry, this goes a bit deeper than my capabilities as a programmer :slight_smile: ).

Any thoughts or advice on how to do this would be absolutely great!

Many thanks in advance,

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