Using NFC to populate Credit card details

I’ve built an internal app based on stripe.js 2 to charge customers face to face which has been working great. (Note that we use this app exclusively on our phones)

The next step is going to be tapping a credit card to the back of our phone to populate the credit card number - does anyone know if theres something existing out there for bubble or a general point-me-in-the-right-direction?

We used to use an app called “Charge” which, when you tapped the card to the NFC reader on your phone, it would populate the card number & expiry. We still had to manually type out the CVV but those 3 digits is far easier than the 16 card numbers + 5 expiry date characters!

Hey mate,

Doing something similar. Pls let me know if you ever found a solution? Thanks !

Hello, how did you connect the USB NFC reader to bubble?
Im planning an app to connect to this: