Stripe terminal integration?

Hey everybody!

Just wanted to see if anybody has integrated the stripe terminal sdk into a bubble app yet? I’m looking to do this for a client and wanted to see if anybody had already treaded this territory. I looked through the Stripe plugins and didn’t see any that have integrated it yet.

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I am also curious about this, were you able to do it?

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Any word on this? Very interested

I’m about to start on this adventure as soon as I get the terminal in. I believe it’s possible with using javascript calls but can’t say 100% certain if it will work or not, but I will let you know If and how I can get it to work.


Thanks so much, sir! Really interested to see how this works out. Happy building :beers:

I have been able to use the bubble API connector to send transactions from bubble to the Square terminal.

First I was able to make it work on there terminal api explorer, then in postman, and finally in bubble.

It was my first time Using the API connector!

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Did you ever get this working. I am just about to give something like this a go

Actually not yet, my Dev plans changed drastically and had to focus on other things, but I’m just about to come back to the terminal, I did get it in and I’m going to look over what @adam10 had posted to see if I can get it to work.

Oh right. That’s with square not stripe though isn’t it.

can you share the editor for how you did this? Very interested in connecting my bubble app to the terminal

I don’t still have it active as Ive had to work on the rest of my app and the go back and do this at the end. I only spent about 1 hour at this to make it work though. I’ve found it easier to access the Square terminals, they are prettier, and I was able to negotiate a rate with Square where Stripe did not respond.

Has anybody made any progress with this? I’m hoping to set up in person payments for subscriptions within Bubble.

Actually there is now a plugin for it;

However, it currently doesn’t support stripe connected accounts, so there’s no way of configuring where the funds actually go. It just goes to the stripe account tied to the API keys.

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Oh wow thanks. I’ll check it out.

Hi all,

I’ve integrated Stripe Terminal using server-driven integration. However there’s a challenge when collecting the card from the terminal and using it to create a Stripe subscription, following this:

Tried the plugin by Variantim but we are in the UK and that puts us in the Stripe beta area.

So, we end up with:

  1. We get a “non completed” transaction since Stripe is executing a 3DS check, but without alerting the customer to the need of this step.

  2. When getting the webbook event after calling[terminal]/process_setup_intent we don’t get the correct PM ID in the payload.

We are contemplating using the Stripe SDK and JS instead hoping that would be more robust.

Anyone gone down this path?

Best, Peter

I wish I could be responding with some assistance, but you might be my savior. Can you explain to me how you integrated your Stripe Terminal? I am having an extreme amount of trouble trying to figure this out. I would really appreciate the help!.

I would suggest starting by reading this carefully:

Then there are different caveats depending on your use case.

Hi, I have a naive question. Is a dedicated hardware really needed to read cards? Aren’t recent devices able to read cards by themselves? Here’s an example: Turn your phone into a payment terminal with myPOS Glass - YouTube

Does anybody know if a wrapped bubble app could be used to read credit cards? I guess it depends on the wrapping features. @gaurav do you believe this could become a feature of your wrapping?