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Stripe terminal integration?

Hey everybody!

Just wanted to see if anybody has integrated the stripe terminal sdk into a bubble app yet? I’m looking to do this for a client and wanted to see if anybody had already treaded this territory. I looked through the Stripe plugins and didn’t see any that have integrated it yet.

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I am also curious about this, were you able to do it?

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Any word on this? Very interested

I’m about to start on this adventure as soon as I get the terminal in. I believe it’s possible with using javascript calls but can’t say 100% certain if it will work or not, but I will let you know If and how I can get it to work.


Thanks so much, sir! Really interested to see how this works out. Happy building :beers:

I have been able to use the bubble API connector to send transactions from bubble to the Square terminal.

First I was able to make it work on there terminal api explorer, then in postman, and finally in bubble.

It was my first time Using the API connector!

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Did you ever get this working. I am just about to give something like this a go

Actually not yet, my Dev plans changed drastically and had to focus on other things, but I’m just about to come back to the terminal, I did get it in and I’m going to look over what @adam10 had posted to see if I can get it to work.

Oh right. That’s with square not stripe though isn’t it.