Using Popups in our app

We have used popups for signup form, credit card, and other info…is this a good practice, considering that browsers may have popup blockers enabled? Please advise

The type of popups are different. A popup blocker is typically blocking the ability for a website to open a new browser window. However, a popup within a Bubble app is not launching a new browser window.

If you’ve seen a plugin that suppresses the popups within Bubble, I’d be curious to see it.

(Happy to be corrected by anyone in the community that has seen a popup blocker that functions otherwise. Been a long time since I’ve experimented with popup blockers).

Thanks Dan. So I assume using the bubble popups is ok.

Never had an issue. Been running apps in production for almost 3 years, nobody’s ever had an issue with it. My apps are running across every major browser and OS.

Yes, I feel like that is a fair assumption to make.

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