Pop Ups or New Page?

I’m still pretty new to bubble to this might seem obvious but I’m creating an app that I expect will be used mostly on phones and tablets than desktops and laptops. Would it therefore be better to navigate users to a new screen when needed rather than opening popups? For instance, if a condition is met that requires someone to be logged in, is it better to have a log in page or a Pop Up that does the same thing? Does it matter? Interesting to hear the pros and cons.

Many thanks in advance.

I’m doing the same here

Everything on 1 page using conditionals to show/hide things based on a user role + logged in/out status


If the app is a single page app, speed will not be an issue either way.

If more than one page is involved I would strive for my users to have the fastest experience possible. So, in this case popups are a no brainer.

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