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Using Regex to replace special characters with US English alphabetical charactres


think to update the plugin because I just added different characters.
Now can you test if the ones you needed are modified correctly?


Thanks a lot,

Hey! Great plugin, I’ve purchased it for 2 apps.

However, now I am having a problem, I need it to stop removing characters like commas and periods.

It would be perfect if we could type as an input which characters we want it to ignore (don’t mess with them).

Hope you can do this. Please let me know if you do.

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That’s a great question!
I think it’s possible!
I have to think about it because you have to be able to insert several special characters, recognize them and then delete them, one by one!
I’m thinking about it and I’m having fun with a function.
It will probably be the subject of an additional plugin (which I will offer you if I can’t put it in this one)
Thanks for the idea…
I’m always looking for new challenges and needs from Bubble users.

Do you want to have fun with this plugin!
You must remember to insert a | between each character you want to make disappear.
Kind regards,
If you see other ways to improve it, let me know!
I’ll help you the best I can.
I had to create another plugin to add this function to not break the previous one which works perfectly.
Please contact me, I’ll be glad to offer it to you.
@ soon and thanks for this challenge which was very interesting…
I put you the link to test on my page !
Keep me informed of your tests.
with kind regards,

Hey! Thanks for taking the time to do that plugin. I am afraid it is not what I had in mind.

I mean, I still wanted everything else that the original plugin does (replacing characters like “á” into “a”), but I wanted to be able to say, for example: "Hey plugin, ignore the "é"s and the "$“s” in this action (don’t replace them), but keep replacing everything else that is in your default settings.

Anyways, I think the new plugin that you did might be useful for other cases, maybe in a future I might need it. Good job! :+1:

Yes, it seems that we didn’t understand each other!
In fact I need some context so that I understand how the plugin should be used and for what purpose?
Try to be as precise as possible with concrete examples!

In my case, I am using it to send strings to an API. This API throws errors if in the string that I pass in my calls there are some special characters like ç, $ and others. However, the API can handle some special characters like á, é, periods and commas.

For that reason, I’d like to be able to tell to your Cleanup Regex Plugin to ignore á, é, periods and commas (I don’t’ want them to be replaced).

You’d only have to add an input field to the plugin, and the logic behind it, of course.

The input label would be something like this:

“Type below the characters that you want the plugin to ignore (don’t want to get them replaced):”

I’m thinking about the plugn and working on it tomorrow.
I already have an idea

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