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Using Regex to replace special characters with US English alphabetical charactres

Hi Everyone,

In the Yelp API if you call Business Detail with a Restaurant ID that has an accent or tilde etc like any of these for example èéêë, then the API fails. So i want to just remove any occurrence of a special character. So I was looking to use regex and using this post from Stackoverflow as a basis but I cannot figure out how to have “è” replaced with “e” and “ì” replaced with “i”. etc. I have find and replace using regex like below so far but it doesn’t work . anyone know what this should look like?


Yeah very old thread but…

Does anyone have the answer to that question ?



Anybody find a solution ? thanks


Did anyone find a good solution for this?

I’ve seen a post from @NigelG How to remove accents in slug? - #2 by NigelG that recommends using this Transliterate Text - Algorithm by kerem - Algorithmia, but I don’t know where to start to use it.

Is it possible to do this via Regex or is it necessary to use the algorithmia service?

@tmuelle1 or @Christophe_HK did you find any solution to this?

@vini_brito do you mind taking a look at this?

Sure, just use the plugin “Normalize text” :blush:


I´ve just tried the plugin and doing a bunch of find and replace is so much faster.

Any thoughts?

Yes, because the plugin works server side.
That’s not necessary, the plugin could be client side and it would be faster.

Still, the plugin, as it is, requires less time to setup and has no learning curve so it’s still a good idea.

Try talking to the author, see if he makes it client side so it gets instantaneous as well.


I cannot find how to connect to the developer. Do you know him so we can contact?

Apparently his email is in his identification in the plugin, it’s in your plugin tab if you installed it or in the plugin list if you search for it (:
You’ll see "by… "

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Oh, I did not know there was useful information in there :slight_smile:.

Thanks a lot.


Where did you find the plugin?
I didn’t found it :slight_smile: :computer:

It’s on the Plugins tab but only when you go to Plugins from your app.

The problem is that it’s very slow.

Ohh, okay. Thanks

Hello, I developed a plugin to solve this pb with special strings that are very annoying for the slug or for the connection to third party software.
I hope it will help you… friendly,

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This item worked for me

Works perfectly well for me too. No speed issues.