Using search box to search and display API results

Hello Everyone!

Is it possible in bubble to use a search input box to search an external API and show matching results in the attached drop-down as the user is typing?

This behavior exists already when using an input search box today to search the database, I’m wanting the exact same functionality but with an API instead.

Use case: I’m trying to build a search where a user can search for a movie title. There are over 4 million movie titles so definitely need to use an API for this.

I’ve watched a couple of videos and all the examples use a normal input box (not search) and then take that input and display it in a repeating group somewhere. I don’t want to create a search results page but to show results as the user types.

I’ve also read through the forum but many answers were very old and I’m wondering if it’s possible in the current version of bubble.

Appreciate any help in advance as I’ve spent 2 days looking for a solution.


Just FYI I solved this. As of May 2023 it appears there is no way to accomplish this using the search input element. I built a custom search box using a combination of input element + repeating group. The repeating group is hidden at the beginning and only appears when a user clicks on the input element and starts typing.