Using SearchBox with Repeating Group

So this seems like it should be simple, I am trying to use the searchbox bubble provides to show the results in a repeating group. I have the workflows correct with how to add the current cell to the users skills list. I just need to be able to sort over 17k skills without it being fuzzy search as it crashes.

Any examples or suggestions help!


Instead of Searchbox, why don’t you use the Input box and add the constraint on the repeating group -

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If it’s styling the search results you are looking for check this out. Enhances bubble’s high performance search box element with some sweet styling features.

If you want more out of your search results groups, images, icons, displaying multiple fields etc, I might be able to make it work. Just shoot me a reply and ill see what I can do.

Are all entries unique or are the skills a set list?

If the skills are a set list (like only 25 different choices) I would do a dropdown instead. That should make it load alot faster than having to search each and every one.

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