Using Stripe Payment Intents API with Bubble application

I tried using Stripe Plugin in my bubble app, but encountered this error: Stripe error: You cannot accept payments using this API as it is no longer supported in India

So I reached out to Stripe Support & they told me that as I am based in India I need to use Payment Intents API in creating payments/charging your customers instead of Charges API. I don’t think there’s an option to choose between APIs while integrating the plugin in bubble.

Please share if you know how to do this!

You’ll need to either use a more robust plugin that uses Stripe’s PaymentIntents API instead of Charges, or read up on the Stripe API Reference and make your own API calls using the API Connector plugin in Bubble. If you’re just trying to do basic charges, it will probably just boil down to one call + you’ll probably want to set up a backend workflow to handle the Webhook coming from Stripe when the payment is approved (which is good practice even with the built-in Bubble plugin).

Here’s some more information about your error though:
Charges API is a legacy API (Bubble probably should update their plugin soon)

PaymentIntents API reference: