Using the Algolia Update/Delete object

I’m using the @ZeroqodeSupport/@levon Algolia plugin, and I’m not sure how to interpret the documentation on using the Update/Delete action.

What is the “task’s unique id” that’s shown? And what do all the references to tasks mean?

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Can you please provide as many details as possible to understand what exactly are you trying to accomplish so we could provide a direction?
Also screenshots/video of your plugin setup, database, Algolia etc would help us.
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Also which of the Plugin’s element’s you’re using for your setup?

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I’m using the ‘update object’ action. I know my Algolia application ID, and the index name. I can see that the ObjectID probably refers to the Algolia record, but I’m not sure how to access that from Bubble.

When I looked at the documentation, it was referencing lots of “tasks” and I don’t know what those were referring to.

Screen Shot 2020-12-08 at 19.16.07

I’m creating a directory and I want to make each record editable by the user.

Hi @manwithaplan,

Thanks for reaching out. Yes, it is correct - Application ID, Index Name and Object ID are from your Algolia, so you just need to indicate them to match, and for Content here is an example of how to pass and update your Algolia record:

  firstname: 'Jimmie',
  objectID: 'myID1'

It is a JSON object so you just pass the data you want to update with new values.

Please let us know in case you have any other questions. :pray:

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Any tips on sending the Object ID from Bubble back to Algolia? Since that is an Algolia field, I’m guessing that it should be saved to the Bubble record at some point, so it can be sent back to Algolia…

A little more context, here’s what I have right now:

  • I make a new record
  • I do use the “Algolia Update/Delete” to add the record to Algolia. I leave the ObjectID blank to create a new record
  • I use the “Make changes to product” to update the AlgoliaObjectID in the Bubble database, but it is having some trouble. I’m trying to use “AlgoliaObjectID = Result of step 2’s objectID” but it is throwing an error.

Screen Shot 2020-12-12 at 11.22.29

Oh, hmm, it seems as if I can just send the Bubble ‘unique id’ to Algolia when the record is being created to use as the ‘ObjectID’, and that will make them in sync.

I think we good :+1:

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Hi @manwithaplan,

Thanks for letting us know! Yes, in case you have any additional questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out again.

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