Using the tinder-like pile RG with custom properties

I want to switch from my 1 cell RG to the official Tinder Pile plugin from Bubble,
But I can’t customize the informations on the card, I can’t remove the picture and I can’t even set I to transparent background to make the things appear in another group…

What would be the best practice to get a clean result with card swiping ?
Thanks :slight_smile: :wink:

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Keen to find out more too.

Anyone able to shed some light on this?


I finally used to Draggable Element plugin to do it.
I placed the draggable element into the repeating group (one cell) and the drop area next to it.


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Great work! I shall try this now.

Thanks so much for the help, best of luck with your project!

Feel free to send me a PM if you have issues!

how to display next element after drop in the RG so that it works like Tinder

Hello, I just wanted to make sure that you used the repeating group along the draggable element plugin to make your tinder cards? Or do you still use tinder-like pile plugin?
Thank you in advance

any update on this comment?

Once dropped, remove the active card from the RG using the following workflow:

Display list in a Repeating group with as your new list Your Repeating Group’s List of user adding the :minus item Active Card’s user


hello, could you please share the editor link with us? I have a very similar issue.