Using unique ID in repeating group


The goal is to create a table that displays upcoming doctors appointments. Currently, there is a form that creates “doctors appointments” in the “doctors appointments” data type. There is also a User field “scheduled appointments” that is filled with the unique ID of the “doctor appointments” that were scheduled by the current user.

How can I use this to display upcoming appointments in a repeating group?


You don’t attach “the unique ID of the doctor appointments”, you literally attach the Doctor Appointments themselves to whatever object you want. Why is this mistake so pervasive? It’s almost like nobody does the Bubble Lessons or Crash Courses.

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Relational Database Foreign Keys innit.

And that Bubble puts the field types for objects down at the bottom of the list so you see text first?

Exactly what Keith says. Make it a list (tick the box) of Doctors Appointments (scroll down until you find the data types that are named after your tables).

I had a grouping issue unfortunately…after rebuilding I was able to get it working! Thank you both!

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