Show only unique values in a repeating group

Hello forum im stuck with a problem on my repeating group, I create a list of items with a unique id of which I only want to be shown once and I don’t know how to place the unique element.


please help

I’m assuming you’re using a searchbox to search for unique ID, can you show how did you set up the searchbox?

actually no, i do have a search box but that is the repeating group without any constraint, what i want is a constraint that only show 1 unique ID, you may notice that i have create 3 different orders with 3 different unique ID but it shows all items created under that unique id

What does this mean?
I can see from the table that some line-items have the same unique ID… why is this?

see the first column call ID, i want to only show 1 time instead of the repeating ones

Do you just want to display the first one? Or one in particular?

Using a searchbox seems wasteful here. Replace it with an input field

Add a conditional on your RG that activates when the Input’s value is not empty, and change the datasoure of your RG to Do a search for Overtime requests (Overtime id = input's value): first item:converted to list

Having said that, it doesnt make much sense to have a unique ID which is shared by multiple entries… its meant to be unique.

You’ll need to set this up in a separate table for example
You have an order table and a user places an order x

Now all entries included in x will have unique ids ex, a, b, c

Then you need to use nested repeating groups to show order
x which includes a,b,c

@dalicofresi if you need help with this dm me I can help set this up easy