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Using variables < and > and values to correspond


So I am well in to my app in Bubble - I am struggling to do something I do in Excel though, which is to say when a text or input box (i am not sure which to use as I do not have the answer to this conundrum) 1 has a value of between 0 and 3 then make box 2 have a text value of “low”. When the text box value 1 is between 4 and 7 make the text box 2 value of “Medium” and when the text box value of 1 is between 8 and 10 make the text box 2 value “High”.

I have experimented with various ways front-end and workflow-end and cannot find how to do this?
Can someone advise please?

Thank you


Hi, you could do some conditional formatting:



That is awesome - I did try conditional formatting, but i missed the fact you could use “text” - I thought it was just changing font, colour etc.
It works and it works really really well - thank you !!



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