Field values - related to each other

I’ve the following structure

field 1

field 2
field 3
field 4

when the user enter “100” in field 1 the value of field 2,3 or 4 can be 0-100 (so not more then 100) for each of them.

I tried it with a simple condition - but I’m stuck :frowning:


If I understand the challenge correctly, here’s how you might approach it:

Here’s an example UI:

If this is what you’re going for here’s how its set up.

This will mark these fields as not being valid if they aren’t. By default there is conditional formatting on inputs to add the red border if an input’s value is not valid. If you are using a custom input styling you might need to add this.

Bubble will throw errors if this is attached to workflows like saving to the database, but another nice thing to add for user-experience might be more descriptive errors below the fields. Here’s how those are set up:

Hope this helps, best of luck with your project!


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