Venture-backed Construction Tech Startup looking for Senior & Junior Devs

Hi Community

We are really looking for a Senior Bubble Dev; and 2 x junior Devs (with Traditional dev experience).

We are a rapidly growing startup, approaching our Series A round, building complex operating systems for Construction companies; who are building the world’s most ambitious projects in the UAE and Saudi.

The roles are full-time role, not for Agencies, a side hustle, or part-time. We are very selective on culture fit, so please only reach out if you are keen on becoming part of a team; and growing with the company. If you are a freelancer and are looking for financial security, it’s probably not the right motivator. Serious candidates will be considers for Employee Share options, but you will need to prove yourself.

Link for the Senior career deck, here. Please apply if you are a junior with more than 18 months experience and have works on more complex apps that marketplace MVPs.

Show us your edge, why you are up to the task of building complex apps; and why you should be part of our team.

Be hungry,



Hello, I am a developer. I can share my portfolio with you . Kindly reach out for further discussions.

Isn’t everybody?

Seriously tho, from the job desc it sounds like it’s a UAE based position?

Hi Jared, Everything is in the Career Deck.

Sorry for asking a redundant question, in that case. Must’ve missed that when I ran thru.

I see now that it’s a hybrid or for someone based there. I think the flights home perk threw me off.

Thank you!