Seeking Senior Dev for established Seed Stage Startup

Hi Community

We are really looking for a Senior Bubble Dev (with traditional dev experience).

At Procurified, we are a rapidly growing startup, approaching our Series A round, building complex operating systems for Construction companies; who are building the world’s most ambitious projects in the UAE and Saudi.

The roles are full-time role, not for Agencies, a side hustle, or part-time. We are very selective on culture fit, so please only reach out if you are keen on becoming part of a team; and growing with the company. Serious candidates will be considers for Employee Share options, but you will need to prove yourself.

Link for the Senior Career Deck, here.

Show us your edge, why you are up to the task of building complex apps; and why you should be part of our team.

Be hungry,


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I noticed you’ve posted a few job ads over the last few weeks. If you’re struggling to find the right talent, there’s a very good chance it’s because you’re either 1. not offering enough for the dev or 2. have a technical debt heavy app. What’s the compensation package that senior devs can look forward to with your company?


Food :rofl:


Hi George, feel free to apply. I’ll look out for the application.

George, in fact, runs an agency so I assume that his comment was meant as an advice.
I agree with him though. You will get far better and quality responses, including those from senior devs, if you mention a compensation range. It takes time to customize a CV for a job application and for senior devs it sucks to go through all the hassle just to realize that the job that they spent time customizing and submitting the CV for was below their pay-grade. Not mentioning a compensation range may give them the wrong idea that you do not value their time. Sometimes the initial interviews are also included in this wasted time. For this reason, many senior devs tend to ignore offers where there is no compensation mentioned.

Just my 2 cents based on George’s recommendation.


Hi, I am a bubble developer and would love to discuss the project over a chat. Please let me know of a suitable time. Thanks

Yeah, it’s rare that any Bubble app needs more than one full time developer, let alone three - it’s more often than not a sign of lots of devs stepping on each other’s toes and not doing much, or a tech debt ridden app, or a bit of both.

This is exactly right - most posts here are looking for senior devs at <$40 an hour, when a good dev will be $80/hr, and a truly good dev that can handle basically anything in Bubble will be $120hr+. So, without giving any reason to believe otherwise, senior devs ignore posts like these. And the lack of a comp range when encouraged would support that assumption :wink:


There’s little to no info on your page about this job. No mention of Salary. No mention of Compensation. No mention of benefits. Work/life mix. Company culture. Working hours. Plus you have to move to Dubai. What other skills are Desired other than “bubble dev”. What are the job / weekly / quarterly expectations. What kind of team will this person work on.


Hi George

Thank you for your feedback. We appreciate the insights and understand the importance of transparency regarding compensation.

As a $1.1m venture-backed startup building enterprise tech, we offer competitive compensation for senior developers. Salaries are discussed directly and depend on personal circumstances, family commitments, and location. We always work with candidates to find a suitable package. Additionally, every team member receives employee shares. Detailed information is available in the full job deck, which we encourage all applicants to review.

We aim to maintain a respectful and constructive community. Negative comments can detract from this spirit. Let’s focus on building each other up.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Hi Jared

Thank you for your feedback. Detailed information about compensation, benefits, work/life balance, company culture, and other skills can be found in the job deck in the original post. Please review it here: Career Deck.

Anything beyond that is covered in interviews and on a one-on-one basis.

We look forward to any further questions you may have after reviewing the deck.

Will you be applying or just commenting on the post?

Best regards,


Hi Deejay

I resonate with your sentiment that some companies can waste people’s time. We appreciate insights from developers like yourself and understand the importance of transparency of the process and benefits.

As a $1.1m venture-backed startup, we offer competitive salaries tailored to individual circumstances, including location and family commitments. Additionally, all team members receive employee shares. For detailed information, please review the job deck here:

We have a 3-step interview process and typically receive between 60-200 applications for each position we advertise. While we can’t provide detailed feedback to everyone, we do try our best.

We aim to maintain a respectful and constructive community. Your understanding and cooperation in fostering this environment are appreciated.

Kind regards


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Plenty of it :slight_smile:

I know a developer and an agency located in the UAE, but they usually do not submit applications for the jobs; rather, their clients are the ones who contact them to contract with them. If you are interested, I can send you contact information for them.

Hi Salem, for this, we are not working with Agencies. Please share the link if you think there may be someone interested.

Hi @rupert1 I had applied to two previous roles you posted but as I didn’t get any responses, I decided not to apply to any role you posted anymore. Another thing to note would be the place of transparent compensation. In a typical career deck 99% of the information is about the work to be done, company, culture etc all concerning you the job poster.

The only thing that concerns the developer is the compensation and benefits but that only piece of information is hidden…not cool.

Lastly, location-based pricing is a red flag. I believe people should be compensated based on the value they bring and not the place they live(or their family or current financial situation)…if the essence of technology is to break down location barriers, introducing it when it comes to compensation, just dulls the whole technological flow tbh.

I genuinely wish you good luck with the hiring process, though…good talent in bubble are getting harder and harder to come by as they are in high demand.


This keeps getting better, no ChatGPT mentioned twice on the application form but copy and paste a few times here! :joy:

Oh no…. ‘We’ll pay westerners, but we’ll make equally skilled devs from the likes of India and Nigeria live in Dubai on a developing country’s salary, and deduct salary if you’ve got kids or anyone in your family that needs some support!’

I promise, if everyone here is saying you’re wrong, there’s a good chance that it’s us guys (the ones that do this for a living) that know what we’re talking about.

No, you said initially some people get shares. Also, detailed info isn’t available in the job info…


This hits home as I’m from Nigeria :blush::pensive:. It sucks getting undervalued just cause of location. It’s good to know there’s a George fighting for the likes of us :hugs:


The whole post stinks of ‘give your life to the company and expect peanuts in return’ :joy:

Yeah be hungry, you won’t have much choice!


Hi @incomdies

Thank you for taking the time out of your day to review the deck and give your feedback.

We receive many applications for advertised Senior positions, from juniors to highly experienced developers, hence why salaries are discussed on an individual basis. For those relocating to Dubai, adjustments are made to account for the higher cost of living at this location.

If you applied three times without feedback, it likely indicates no alignment at that time.

Stay positive and keep looking for the right team!

Kind regards


Is this a company anyone wants to work for? What exactly is defamatory? If truth is embarrassing your company, that’s not on me!

A gift that keeps on giving.