Venture Backed Startup Looking for a 3rd Bubble Developer (United Kingdom Preferred)

Hello - I am looking to hire a 3rd Bubble developer at, Krokit .

We are a startup with a team of 5, and are building an amazing platform in an outdated industry with massive opportunity. Our core products are a financial database of small businesses, and we are now expanding into fintech solutions for these businesses.

Ideally this is a full time position, but depending on the person we’d consider a freelancer to fill this role. Our current dev team is all based in the United Kingdom - while that is not a requirement, it would be preferred for the next member to be in the same time zone.

If you’re interested in this role, please fill out the quick google form below and we will be in touch!


Sent an email! Not from UK but I’m flexible.

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Filled out the form! Not from the UK as well, but I had the experience of working with clients in France and the UK.

hello Patrick. I just filled the form. I am only 2h ahead of you and I have a strong background of the fintech industry. Looking forward hearing from you.