Development Opportunity - ideally UK

I have built a solution on bubble that is starting to gain some traction. I am now having to split my time between the solution onward development and a sales and implementation role.

I have asked before but I am looking for options that would be available for someone/a company to help me maintain (and most likely improve!) the development whilst I help clients implement the solution.

Could people make suggestions on how they may have done this. I am not sure if having a development partner or a junior developer would be the best option. I am based in the UK so would prefer someone who knows the UK market and based in the UK.

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HI @p_clavering,

We offer ongoing customization support for business people like yourself. I’ve attached my portfolio for your reference below. Feel free to reach out to me with a PM if you feel comfortable working with us.

Kind Regards,

Founder No-Code Venture

Hi, I am not a freelancer, but was literally about to post a very similar request to yours (and still will), but thought that I’d reach out to you. I am also in the UK, a similar position to you where I’m looking for someone to take some of the dev burden away so that I can focus on the next stage of the journey.

I believe it’s often worth connecting with people in a similar position, so hope you don’t mind me dropping you a note?