Verify users age on signup

I’m creating an app that will require users to be at least 18 years of age to access it. I ask for the users date of birth upon signup but how do i verify to make sure that the date they entered makes them 18 years of age as to the current days date?

I’ll want to make a check box appear for them to accept the terms and conditions if so.

Thanks for the help everyone!

You would use a condition that says that the date they entered (+ 18 years) is < current date and Time.

Hope that helps!

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Right, that wouldn’t work though. i would need to say the current date -18 years is =< todays date - 18 years.

here’s what seems to be the issue. i cant do any math with the date after the first half of the expression.

wait… i was way off there. you were right!

but only if i use the date time picker will this work which makes you click the month backwards a million times to get the right DOB, any way around this?

On the date and time picker there is an option that lets you have a month and year drop down, which makes going back to find a date a lot quicker!

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