Constrain user sign up by DOB

Hi All,

I run an education company and am trying to prevent users under the age of 13 years old from creating an account on our app. We collect some personally identifiable info, so if under aged individuals sign up we have to tighten our privacy policy for data but don’t want to do that just yet.

On the reusable element Sign Up/Log In, is there a way to say ‘if date/time picker for DOB is a thirteen year old or below’ do not show the Sign Up button?

I’ve tried to do If date/time picker mm/dd/yyyy’s value +(years): -13 > Current date/time then this element (sign up button) is visible, but that doesn’t seem to work. Any thoughts?

What about mm/dd/yyyy’s value +(years): 13 < Current date/time?

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